Thursday, August 4, 2011

Which one is for you? Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate

Bodybuilding nutrition/ supplements has always been a challenge for me to navigate around. Are you confused about Bodybuilding/ fitness nutrition like I am? If so, I recommend you to seek for advice and guidance from Campbell fitness

What i really like about Brendan is that he is very helpful, and explain things in normal English! Something that i could understand. . Brendan's product reviews seems to be honest and unbiased.

On his site, you'll find supplement reviews, thoughts on weight training, nutrition tips as well as question and answer videos. He also goes into explaining Marco nutrients and shares his examples of a healthy meal. On top of that, Brendan is also very responsive and down to earth guy. He has been extremely helpful with the questions I have sent to him, so if you have any questions that you are afraid to ask, check out his channel or his website you might find the answer to what you are looking for! Definitely a thumbs up!!!

Signing off for now
P.S. who wouldn't like to have a good looking guy explaining important stuff to us ladies training hard!

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