Monday, August 15, 2011

What did you do for your birthday this year?

Me in AUG 2011

Today is the day i have been waiting for. It's my birthday and I am officially 30 year young and I have promised myself when i turned 29 that this year (30) I am going to be in the best shape of my life! I have been dying to say this and sharehow my body has changed. Ladies, you want to know what kind of shape diet alone will give you, please look at the picture of me back in 2007. I was very thin "slim " back in those days. My figure back than was not achieve via working out. It was achieve by means of watching what i eat.

Not sure about you, but who said turning 30 can not be fabulous? I think i prefer the way i look today than I did when I was younger. Oh, and a thank you to my man for catching me off gard again when he is taking a photo of me.

For me personally pushing weights is the way to go if you want the curves that is pleasing to they eye (at least in my own eyes)! Anyway, i have another photo comparison coming up in Oct. The fat picture and the "now" keep an eye out for it, because i want to show you how much you can achieve in a year if you are committed to what you really want. Sorry that this post is all about memememememe. please forgive me, it is my birthday!!!!

Me in AUG 2007

 Have a good day everyone !!! Have a piece of cake and push even harder today, because you can!!!!

Love you all
Signing off for now.

P.S. i have not done any photo shop on these pictures.... and i was still a little "bloated" from that evil milk when this photo was taken when my bf and i went on weak boarding!


  1. Wow - you look great!
    Happy birthday.

  2. happy birthday, my Cuppy woman! May you 30's be full of bad ass, happy moments. BOOM!

  3. Thank you ladies :) it was a very happy birthday :)

    and. i went to the gym on the day too!!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it! The pictures are looking great. I can really agree with you on the difference between the "slim" photo and the "toned" photo! You're doing an awesome job :)

  5. @ coachtemplar, thank you for the birthday wish. just glad to see you swing by! how was your holiday? getting back into pushing play yet?! Keep up the good work coach! :)

  6. Holiday was great. Got some time out of the house and into the outdoors which was good. Working on continuing to push play, even on my challenging days (we all have them!). With the weather finally picking up here I've been working on getting outside during my lunch breaks and walking as well. On Friday I managed to get in a 3-4 mile jog/walk, so that worked out *very* well!