Thursday, September 22, 2011

How heavy should ladies lift?

Ladies i want to share with you my progress of my 12 weeks weight lifting program. I am currently at the end of week 9. I want to show you this is the reason why i lift and why i lift heavy, i am starting to have curves on my shoulders. Again, just some basic stats about myself 160cm tall, body fat at approx 24% weight in at 129lbs. When I say i lift heavy, i am doing 130lbs + 30lbs bar dead lifts which is more than what i weight and unassisted vertial dips etc. As you can see the photo below. I do not think I look "manly".

If i had to choice between only being able to do Cardio or Lifting weights, (including body weights exercises) I would so choice Lifting over Cardio. Many might be concern that you will get too big (I hope the above photos address that issue)  and think that lifting weight is boring. I so hear you, you are partly correct, i find working out at the gym uninteresting.

BUT i understand that it is something that i have to do in order to get into the best shape of my life. And the reason why i choice weights over cardio is that with weights, i can decide how i want to look and built on parts that to achieve the shape/ look that I am after. With Cardio, you put in the hard work, swatted it out for an hour, but you have no control over where if any of the fat is coming off from.(cos' you could be burning carbs not fat)  To me that ability to control results with my input is enough to drive me keep on doing it day in day out.

Now i do have a few suggestion as to how you could motivate yourself to start lifting.
  • Think about the different hand grips you could have when you lift,
  • Think about fitting in a quick set of push up in between your working sets
  • Think about how much fun you can have with surprising yourself (and possibly all the man who are watching you at the free weights area thinking "lady you are lost") pushing and pulling heavy weights
  • Think about you are in control of how you want to look and modify the move to shape your body the way YOU want
  • Best of all is your make up won't be a mess. You sweat when you lift weights, but no where near as much as you do when you are doing cardio
I hope this will inspire you YumYucky :)
Signing off for now

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