Friday, January 27, 2012

My Test results for the BodyRockerTV 30 day challenge

Fit test Results of my BodyRockerTV 30 day challenge:

Squat Jump  - 40
Push Ups - 30
Burpees - 10
High Knees - ? Lost count
Switch Lunges - 27
Tuck Jumps - 10
Straight Abs - 32

I wonder how many of you reading are doing it as well. Gee do i fell unfit after just the "fit test"!!!!

Singing off for now! love to you all


  1. I saw the Fit Test and was intrigued. But still trying to get over the "new" BodyRock and accept it. I need to stop that nonsense (LOL!). You're doing great, girl!

    1. @yum yucky, exactly, what is that all about? Who is that new girl???!!! There is somthing about the way she speaks, it doesn't feel quite right, where is the ORGINAL BodyRocker TV??!!?? Tell me tell me!