Saturday, October 1, 2011

Low carb bread.... actually 0 carb

Did i tell you that i cook? Did i tell you that i am addicted to bread?

Hello my curious readers. I have actually been out of the gym now for a full week and it looks like that is going to be extended for an extra week due to my back injury. Yes. I pull my lower lats last week doing weight assisted pull ups....

Anyway. I am writing today to share with you my latest creation! I am not as luck as many of you who lives in America where the food offerings seems to be out of a story book!!! aka the low carb products! We here in HK such thing does not exist. Also diabetic is not a big illness over here; thus our shops do not offer many low GI, low carb processed/ prepackage food.

On my quest of low carb diet, i often search high and low on the Internet for Low carb bread recipes that is good enough as a replacement for the real thing. Often i am disappointed with the out come as it lacks the correct texture. So i would use the recipe as a base and fine tune it....

AND i finally cracked it. look at the photo! It even looks like bread!!!! :)
I am not posting the recipe here because you can find different version of it all over the Internet, and you might have a pretty good one already!

If that is not the case however, do drop a line in the comments area I am more than happy to share!
Signing off for now.


  1. ohhhh ahhhh! My childhood nickname was "Bread", so this obviously is intriguing. Yet Diabetes is rampant over here. It's the greediness of America. The nation is greedy in more ways than one. And I hate that about this dang nation. (sorry to vent)

  2. @yumyucky. Venting is a good thing. What i find interesting is that there is a whole range of process food in America that caters for Diabetics. Which doesn't make sense to me, Diabetic paticents surely should be more educated in making healthy food choice that is made with fresh food instead of buying "processed" food to help them battel their condition... am i wrong?

  3. oh, and one of my ex-boyfirend's dad use to call me "bread head" because i will eat all the bread at their home if i find some when i visit.... lol